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Journey to Wellville

Get the support & guidance you need to achieve the health and life you deserve. 


Patreon Members Only Group 

You’re Here For A Reason


Perhaps you’ve heard that voice inside that keeps whispering, “It doesn’t have to be this way. You’re meant for more than this…”

Or maybe you’re feeling fear because you know you deep down you deserve thriving health — but you haven’t yet figured out how to make that a reality. 

That inner knowing is right. Your heart is guiding you to the truth.


You’ve barely scratched the surface of what you can do to really take charge your health, and you know it. But my guess is since you’re reading this, you’re ready to change all that. Whether you’re riddled with chronic illness or a pro athlete wanting to bump up your game— whoever you are and whatever you do, if you have a human body, there’s one thing that’s certain:

Detoxing and learning to live a life in-line with nature's law,  can profoundly change the quality of your life.

I know this firsthand.  After 7 years into living this lifestyle and helping hundreds of clients, I can honestly say the journey of getting, not only your body, but your mind and spirit a truly healthy, is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding adventures you can experience in this lifetime. I also believe that our world will improve for everyone —when more bodies, minds, and souls are clean and clear to the messages of the divine. 

Which is why I’d love to have you as a member of the Journey to Wellville Membership. We’ll help you fast-track your results, achieve extraordinary results and save you years of expensive trial and error.

Screen Shot 2020-02-27 at 2.17.12 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-02-27 at 2.17.12 PM.png

Here’s What You’ll
Get In the Membership Group

Set a compelling health vision and learn how to make the specific changes and practices to achieve your goals.



Get guidance from Thad who will show you how to apply the strategies to your unique situation.

Make meaningful connections, and get loving support from fellow like-minded "woke" souls.



Biweekly Zoom Calls

During our zoom calls you will be able to directly speak with Thad in a group setting online though an easy to use app called Zoom. 

Live Q&A's & Special Topic Lives with Thad

Join Thad for live video chats where he'll dive deep into your questions. He'll share timely news and tools you need to know about. Plus: tons of encouragement and laughs! 


Collaboration our Mentors and Fellow Detox Specialists 

There's a lot of amazing information and teachers online but let Thad introduce you to the ones that help you put it all together in a way that makes sense.

Mini Challenges

Many times members get inspiration to go on maybe a 5 day juice cleanse, or green smoothie breakfast challenge, what ever it may be it's easier when you have friends by your side going through it with you. 

green smoothie challenge.png
Screen Shot 2020-03-01 at 3.00.01 PM.png

A Library of Videos and Articles

The internet can be a confusing place full of conflicting information, but you'll always have precise wisdom at your fingertips with our robust library. 

Monthly Women's Circle with Kailey 

Thad's partner Kailey has been with Thad on the same journey for the past 6 years. During the women's circles she holds a safe space for women to come together to receive guidance and support form a women's perspective. 


Movement/Exercise Videos to Support your Detox Process 

Get Started Now

Choose The Plan That Works Best For You


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(Save $80)

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Need Help or Have Questions?

We’re happy to answer any questions you have and help you make the wisest choice for you.



Let’s Sum It Up —
Here’s Everything Included In Your Payment

It’s important that you know the enormous value you’ll get in this program. These numbers are not inflated — they’re an honest, good faith estimate since you can’t purchase these components of my program separately.

Group Coaching via zoom Calls   ($200 Value)

Live Sessions   ($100 Value)

Collabs with Mentors & Detox Specialists   ($100 Value) 

An Instant Global Community   (Priceless)

Mini Challenges   ($100 Value)

Total Journey to Wellville Member's Group Value $600

Total Journey to Wellville Member's Group Investment Only $39

Here's Proof that Journey to Wellville Members Group Works.


Screen Shot 2019-11-14 at 8.13.07 AM.png

"With Thad I learned the tools to take my health into my own hands.  I became happier, vibrant, and full of energy…more than I ever imaged in my wildest dreams. I healed my H Pylori, candida, inflamed intestines, GERD, terrible digestion and gas, bloating, fatty liver, gallbladder stones, high sugar in blood (near pre diabetic), triglycerides, high cholesterol, ovarian cysts, right breast cyst, fungus on both big toes, eczema, fatigue, parathyroid, thyroid, improved eye sight (far away), memory loss and brain fog, alcohol addiction, lost over 60 pounds, reversed gray hair and wrinkles (yes, its possible), expelled mucoid plaque, and lots of sulfur. There's a rainbow after the storm and it's so worth it."

Mexico City, Mexico

"Just finished another great group session with Thad! If you're not in Thad's FB Group yet (Journey to Wellville), I highly recommend it! He will take the time to carefully answer your health questions. You will learn a lot and have fun, too! We are very blessed to be able to learn from all that Thad has studied, and all of the experience he has had in the detox field. I consider him a mentor!"



Connecticut, USA


Whenever I needed Thad's help he was there, replying, spending his time and helping in the best possible way, always. Good energy and vibe that man! Great professional work!!!


Athens, Greece

Thad is passionate & highly knowledgeable about cellular regenerative detoxification, iridology & holistic health. He has a compassionate approach, and addresses all aspects of health and wellbeing to help facilitate healing and wellness on all levels- physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Thad is supportive and uplifting and I can highly recommend working with him. Grateful to have met you Thad!




Thad has been such a great help on my health journey! He is truly a person who cares about your health, supports you in any physical, emotional way & is very generous with his service to help others! Highly recommend him.



Queensland, AUS

Thad has been so helpful in helping me understand some areas of my health that needed to be adressed - he is a very competent, kind and wholehearted human being who has acquired a deep understanding of how the human body works and how to get your health back and thrive through proper detoxification and regeneration of the body. I couldn’t be happier to have cross ways with Thad! Highly recommend him.




Thad is a wealth of inspiration and information. His experience in the healing arts and raw in particular is amazing. He is always an enthusiastic, compassionate and articulate healer. Everybody loves him!




Thad listens and provides what is needed. He actually cares. I recommend Thad.



Florida, USA

Thad has helped me very much to understand my situation. He is always close to hand when I have questions and need help. It feels very safe that he knows exactly what I'm talking about, especially when I'm not feeling well. A very nice man to cooperate with. And as I said, it's a great assurance that he's always there when I need help. Thank you so much Thad.




I never found a support in friends and family or doctors, so this is the first time, that I feel there is someone out there, who cares that we can get to a higher state of being through our diet, again, thank you Thad for your interest your support and your answers! The goal is not to be there in an instant, but to go through all that stuff and to understand where it comes from, where do we nourish ourselves with food without feeling if it is good or bad for us. I can tell from myself : it's worth the pain and it is so excited to feel the change!!!
I feel so much gratitude for this new way in my life!




Top FAQs

Yes, It certainly will. We have members from all stages in their journey. We've seen complete newbies turn to stage leaders although to be clear true healing takes time and patience. 

I'm a complete newbie, and haven't even started making changes. Will the membership work for me?

Get Started Now

Choose The Plan That Works Best For You


One Yearly Payment of


Monthly Payments of






(Save $80)

Screen Shot 2020-02-27 at 11.48.35

Need Help or Have Questions?

We’re happy to answer any questions you have and help you make the wisest choice for you.


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