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Thad Cheatham eye reading iridology exam

"While there are many ways of trying to determine bodily conditions, such as hair analysis, the SMA tests, urinalysis, fecal analysis, blood analysis, etc., we do not find one that gives a more complete picture of the whole situation than the science of iridology."

-  ​Dr. Bernard Jensen

What is Iridology?


   Iridology is the study of the iris of the eyes, as it relates to cellular weaknesses (genetics) an empathetic stagnation (acidosis and toxicity). Iridology is practice worldwide and dates back over 500 years. the science of iridology is growing leaps and bounds as specialized cameras are designed to take an even deeper look into the study at the Iris as it relates to the cells of the human body. Every cell in your body reflects itself through the autonomic nervous system to the central nervous system (brain) and optic nerves. As tissues become weakened and congested (acids), changes occur in the fibers of the iris. The iris fibers (the trabecula) have been mapped out correspondingly to the related tissues in the body. By observing these fibers, changes and the colors in the iris, we can analyze your body strength, weaknesses and degrees of stagnation within the great lymphatic system (acids). - Dr. Robert Morse ND

Why Iridology is the best way to understand the conditions of the bodies organs and cells from a wholistic approach

    While there are many ways of trying to determine bodily conditions, such as hair analysis, the SMA test, urinalysis, fecal analysis, blood analysis, etc., we do not find anyone that gives a more complete picture of the WHOLE situation than the science of iridology. Rather than being a one-sided analysis looking at an isolated factor, iridology gives us a more complete way of looking into the body. Why not use iridology as an adjunct to other forms of optic analysis and take advantage of this unique perspective? Certainly, a doctor wouldn't depend on a urinalysis as his only source of information for the complete story of bodily condition, nor would he depend on just the blood analysis. When using the information available through the iris, we find that we have one of the most complete forms of analysis available. We can see the unity of every organ working in concerted action with all other organs. The science of Ophthalmology, coupled with iridology, can become a very powerful ally in the struggle against degenerative processes in the human body. The marriage of fundus observations and iridological observations should make one of the greatest professions in the world. It is helpful to remember that the eye is an extension of the brain, that great biocomputer which monitors and controls the functions of the body. Its nerves, blood, and other fluids are directly or indirectly by the brain's response to any abnormal condition of the body. Western medicine has recognized this to a certain extent in the science of Ophthalmology, and when the science of Iridology is fully understood, a great advance will come about in the analysis of conditions which disrupt the health of the human body.  -  Dr. Bernard Jensen

What is an Iris Analysis?

  As previously mentioned your iris fibers tell a story of your body’s cellular strengths and weaknesses, starting with your inherent patterns given to you by your parents as well as the condition of the lymphatic system. The following iris Analysis is not a diagnosis of disease. Your iris of the eye simply registers tissue changes as they relate to cellular strengths, weaknesses and the only science known to expose the condition of the body’s huge sewer (lymphatic) system. This is the number one system of man’s suffering and yet, the least known about. Your iris report is for your personal education information only. This report is especially valuable in your journey of “getting healthy”, as it highlights your cellular weaknesses and your degree of acidosis (lymphatic stagnation). - Dr. Robert Morse ND

The History of Iridology

  The first book written about analyzing the state or condition of the body cells through observation within the fibers of the iris of the eye was in 1560. Modern iridology, however, is it attributed to Dr. Ignatz von Peczely, a medical and homeopathic physician back in the early 1800s. He was the first to start mapping out the chart, which is known as the roadmap to the cells and their conditions within the body. This is truly the only soft tissue in analysis where you can actually see your lymphatic stagnation and weaknesses of tissues within the systems of the body. Many physicians have contributed greatly to the science of iridology. These include Dr. Benard Jensen, & Drs. Collins, Liljequist, Thiel, Lindlahr, Lane, Felke, Reinhold, Havard, Anderschou, Hense, etc. - Dr. Robert Morse ND

"Nutrition is the only remedy that can bring full recovery and can be used with any treatment. Remember, food is our best medicine!" - Bernard Jensen


  Iridology is the only science at this time that sees soft tissue weaknesses, lymphatic stagnation (acidosis) drug toxicity and your body's genetic weaknesses or strength. At the core of your health is your genetics. Your physical body is a genetic body. All your cells in your body are genetically coded. Some are strong cells, and some are weak. This all depends upon your family tree. Cells are the structure/ function of the body; however, blood and lymph feed and cleanse cells are diet control; this is why it is important to feeding and clean the cells interstitial. Remember, at the time of conception the condition of your cells are passed on, but you can change this! - Dr. Robert Morse ND

Rember what Dr. Bruce Liption states in his study of epigenetics. Your genetics are affected by your lifestyle, environment, and thoughts. Always be aware that your thoughts affect your genetics. - Thad


  Iridology is not a science of diseases nor is it a diagnostic tool of disease symptoms, diseases are simply man-made names (medical doctors) to a set of symptoms; this concept is highly flawed, and the theory Is not scientific at all. Iridology’s approach is holistic and takes in the interrelationship of all tissues of the body and the effect chemistry has on them. As you can see from above when the cells of the body are weakened, or acidosis settles in, symptoms are the in results. As previously mentioned, this is the first time in history that man has discovered a truly viable science they can look at soft tissue. X-rays including CAT scans and MRIs can only see tissue when the density is confined or hardened. Toxic dyes must be used to expose profusion capacities causing further acidosis of the body. - Dr. Robert Morse ND

Lymphatic Stagnation

  Simply put, the lymphatic system is the primary focus of detoxification, as it is the sewer/immune system of the human body. On this planet, Man does not understand this system and its job of removing cellular waste (acids). Swelling, pain, tumors, cysts, boils, pimples and the decay of cells are all related to the great lymphatic system.

There are two areas of focus to regenerative detoxification. First, are the cells (structure/function) of the body and the second is the fluids that take care of the cells (blood and lymph). Lymphatic stagnation within the body can cause blood or nerve obstruction. Very rarely do we have trouble with the blood as the pH of the blood must consistently stay around 7.4 or death will occur. There are three basic stages of stagnation/acidosis of the lymphatic system, leading to cellular mutation or death of a cell. These three stages are known as Acute, Sub-Acute, and Chronic. Suppression of each stage gradually brings one’s body into a more drastic stage of cellular deterioration (as discussed in the “Understanding Your Analysis” section.)

Regenerative detoxification is simply the hydration of the lymphatic system with the opposite side (alkaline/base) of chemistry. Alkaline or base-forming foods such as fruits, berries, melons, and vegetables move the body into an anionic state of health and fluidity. Man, however, loves acid forming foods which create acidosis leading to stagnation of metabolic (acids) wastes, which initiates an inflammatory response. Without intervention, these stages eventually cause tissue death. Your kidneys and skin are the eliminative organs responsible for cleaning the cellular waste from this incredible system. When the kidney’s stop filtering the metabolic wastes out of the body, it creates a back-up (stagnation) within the lymphatic system. Each kidney controls drainage head to toe for the side of the body it is located on. The right kidney controls the drainage of the body lymphatic ally and the left kidney for the left side.

As said, Iridology is the only science that shows us the condition of one’s lymphatic system. The medical community is just finding pieces of this tremendous lipid-based system that encompass roughly 80% of the interstitial (around the cells) fluids. The spaces around all of your cells are called interstitial spaces. This is where the kitchen (blood) and sewer (lymphatic) fluids can take care of your cells. No mystery here, acidosis creates stagnation causing swelling, hardness and often times pain. This is why regenerative detoxification is the only answer to your suffering! - Dr. Robert Morse ND

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