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My name's Thad Cheatham. My mission in life as a wholistic coach is to help people use many different tools spiritually, mentally, and physically to achieve their highest level of health.

My story is an interesting tale of challenging growth experiances. Growing up in the deep-fried south I, like all too many others, grew up on a diet of nutrient-deficient, toxin-laden foods. Couple that with poor lifestyle habits of staying up way too late, partying, and never exercising, I developed obesity, chronic indigestion, chronic bronchitis every winter, sleep apnea, chronic low adrenals from birth, chronic feelings of low self-esteem, feelings of not being good enough, fear, not knowing my purpose in life, and chronic fatigue. I had so many feelings of not being attractive from the hardship of growing up overweight that I had never even had a girlfriend until I was in my 30's.

At my heaviest in 2004, I weighted 290 almost 300lbs.

Thad Cheatham before and after

This is another photo from 2004 and it shows why I was so overweight. Look at the food I was eating!

Thad Cheatham before and after

My life took a turn for the better when my mom bought a health food store in our hometown in 2005 and I started working for her in 2006. In August, of that year I tried the raw plant-based diet which completely changed my life. living in the bible belt I first learned about the plants only based lifestyle from a religious group doing it to prevent cancer and other illnesses. I keep reading their testimonials about people not only losing lots of weight easily and fast but having the best quality of health they had ever had. So I decided I wanted to try it just to lose weight. Little did I know it would change my life forever! I learned that weight loss was the least of the benefits I was yet to experience. Not only did I start losing weight, and feeling better but I discovered the root cause of my lifetime of struggles. I started spending hours on hours learning about herbs, detox, iridology, and a fruit-based diet in my mom's store and also online. That is also when I started to get into watching a lot of Youtube one day in early 2007 I was looking on youtube for some juicing recipes and I found Dan McDonald the liferegenerator. From the first time I watched Dan I connected with his soul and the message he was sharing with everyone. He has always been such a big part of my journey. One day In July 2009 was the first time Dan told us about Dr. Morse when he was recommending his book to us all. Then late 2010 or early 2011 Dan told us that Dr. Morse was starting a Youtube channel after he strongly recommended Dr. Morse to do that. I went and watched the first video from Dr. Morse in April 2011 and I immediately was hooked. I have watched 95% of every one of his videos since, some several times. He quickly became one of the main people I watched on Youtube every day. I have always felt this strange connection to Dr. Morse's energy he has easily become my greatest mentor!  Then after I watched Dr. Morse for a year I got my first weeks 1 & 2 detox kit from him. So for the last 15 years, Dan and Dr. Morse have been a huge influence on my detox & health journey. However, being informed did not mean I knew how to actually put into practice my newfound knowledge. I remember in my early days watching Dan I would try some of his recipes and I would be gaging because my taste buds had not adjusted yet to such healthy foods. I was also going through a tough time trying to live two different lives my old life still partying with my friends and my new way of trying to become healthier and work at my mom's health food store. I constantly felt torn between the two different worlds that were conflicting with each other. I also was having lots of emotional challenges coming up during the detox and I like so many people were not expecting that. 


   For 7 years 06 - 13, I went back and forth between my old lifestyle and a strict mostly raw plant-based diet…all or nothing. After that, I learned the importance of a good proper transition period. This is why today I love being a transitional coach. In 2013 a girl walked into the health food store. We became friends and her help and encouragement were all I needed I have never looked back. It took me 3 months to lose 75 lbs, then by 6 months, I had lost over 100 lbs! I also learned from working at my mom's health food store how to work with the public and develop my communication skills. After 10 years of hearing people say "Thad, you should give talks or classes" and telling me how good I was at communicating I thought to myself well maybe I should be a health coach and share with people what I have learned. 


In 2014, I went to South Florida to attend Dr. Robert Morse N.D.’s level 1 training to become a certified Detox Specialist in detoxification, herbs, and iridology. After I learned so much about Iridology. I tried to take pictures of my eyes, but my eyes were so dark brown almost black from all the congested Lymph. I never saw the fine details of my eyes so I didn't understand fully how bad my weaknesses were. As I keep getting cleaner my eyes really lightened up so much that later when I got a good camera I finally was able to fully see the weaknesses in my eyes. See those couple of years that I'd not got to see my eyes I tried so many herbs and so much fasting and I always felt like my body wasn't responding to anything I did. After much research and finally seeing my eyes, I learned that I'd been going at my approach from the wrong direction and that I needed to start with my greatest weakness which was my colon and my master glands. Then I could focus on my adrenals, kidneys, lymphatic system, and everything else. This is why today I teach that a good iridology reading is your starting point to see what direction you should approach your health. It is also the main thing along with a good health questionnaire to know what herbs will help you the most and in what order would be best to take them. As I continued to get my mind and body cleaner I started reading books from Robert Morse N.D, Dr. Bernard Jensen, Arnold Ehret, Herbert Shelton, Paul Bragg, Wim Hoff, Eckhart Tolle, Hilton Hotema, Wayne Dyer, Dr. Joseph Murphy, Neville Goddard, Louise Hay & many more. These books have helped round out my approach to wellness and made the journey much more peaceful. After I read several of the books by Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer, and Louise Hay I learned how much my emotions and my subconscious mind were involved in my journey to health. I will continue to live a life of learning and serving because I truly love what I do. The more I help others the more I want to help myself and vice versa. Having freed myself from so much pain and suffering, I feel it's my duty to help others do the same. I truly want to spend the rest of my life helping people in any way I can. :)))


*Update* In October of 2018 after four years I finally made it back down to Dr. Morse's level 2 class! To complete my training with him for now. Till he comes out with his naturopathic school. I would be one of the first to sign up when he does. I am actually glad I waited to go back down there after I had learned so much from Dr. Jensen's iridology volume 2 book. It helped me to have such a good foundation of what I had already learned from Dr. Jensen. When Dr. Morse was teaching about iridology in the class I knew the right questions to ask him to ADD to Dr. Jensen's work on iridology. After Dr. Morse's class on iridology, on top of what I have learned from Dr. Jensen, I now feel very confident in my ability to be an iridologist!  


Much love & Light,

Thad Cheatham




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