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"Thad is a coach, mentor, and certified detox and iridology specialist based in Alabama, but he works with people around the world! He also helps run his family health store. He is amazingly kind, very passionate about helping people and generous beyond compare.


He spent over 25 years being overweight and suffering from chronic pain, fatigue, sleep apnea, chronic indigestion, chronic bronchitis and feelings of low self-esteem. He has been on his own health journey for over 11 years and has lost over 100 lbs! Now he dedicates his life to helping others learn the art of cellular regeneration.


I’ve been trying to detox myself over the past three years since I got off of my medication and decided I needed a specialist to find out exactly where I was at and make sure I was on the right track. Thad gave me a VERY in-depth 17-page report, an herbal protocol tailored to my needs and is providing on-going support while I work through my issues. His report confirmed some things I already suspected like that I have true blue eyes, that I have a lot of iodine and sulfur in my body and my head and stomach are chronically involved lymphatically. But his report revealed even deeper things that I didn’t know about myself like exactly how deeply involved my glands and certain organs were. He spent an hour on a video call with me answering all my questions in the most in-depth, passionate and infectious way!


I would recommend Thad to anyone who is suffering from any kind of symptom and wants to get themselves out of Hellville and into Wellville. His prices are incredibly reasonable and investing in your health is the greatest gift you can give yourself!" - Marisa



"Thad listens and provides what is needed. He actually cares. I recommend Thad." - Dan



"Thad is an amazing soul, a kind-hearted, thoughtful, giving, aware human being.

He cares deeply for those around him and wants to help heal others in his path. Thad effortlessly gives his time, energy and effort to better the lives of others while being in it wholeheartedly on this journey of detoxification and regeneration himself.

Feel free to stop in, ask a question and it’s like you are a long lost friend that he hasn’t seen since college. And take away a message of hope, an inspiration that there is a better way to live one moment one step one day at a time. Thank you, Thad, for your devotion and light" - Susie 



"Thad has been so helpful in helping me understand some areas of my health that needed to be addressed - he is a very competent, kind and wholehearted human being who has acquired a deep understanding of how the human body works and how to get your health back and thrive through proper detoxification and regeneration of the body. I couldn’t be happier to have crossways with Thad! Highly recommend him." Julie 



"Helpful, friendly soul, provides detailed information and we have the same birthday!" - Nila 



"If you don’t know already; Thad is an amazing man! He is knowledgeable, compassionate and caring. He is a man to his word. He listens well and is quick to share what he has and what he knows. Thad’s desire always is only to help. Love this guy." - Michael 



"I wanted to thank Thad for a friendly but professional service. I am amazed at his wealth of knowledge and understanding and now know I’ve found the right detox coach! 5 star is not enough! Thank you again." - Danny



"I got an eye reading from Thad and he was right on point!!! I highly recommend Thad 👼💝" - Yamel 



"Just finished another great group session with Thad! If you're not in Thad's FB Group yet (Journey to Wellville), I highly recommend it! He will take the time to carefully answer your health questions. You will learn a lot and have fun, too! We are very blessed to be able to learn from all that Thad has studied, and all of the experience he has had in the detox field. I consider him a mentor!" - Andrea



"Thad is passionate & highly knowledgeable about cellular regenerative detoxification, iridology & holistic health. He has a compassionate approach and addresses all aspects of health and wellbeing to help facilitate healing and wellness on all levels- physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Thad is supportive and uplifting and I can highly recommend working with him. Grateful to have met you, Thad!" - Gabrielle



"Some words about Thad and his work! English is not my first language so please understand if there are some mistakes! Reading my Iris Analysis I felt like I am on a journey to myself. I never thought that it would give me so many insights to my past and to my present situation. There are so many details and so many things connected, it is mindblowing!!! I started to change my diet many years ago, first vegetarian then vegan to raw and finally the mucus free !!! I am still on the transition to get there and there are a lot of "falling back" into old habits and old cravings I never found support in friends and family or doctors, so this is the first time, that I feel there is someone out there, who cares that we can get to a higher state of being through our diet, again, thank you.  Thad for your interest your support and your answers!
The goal is not to be there in an instant, but to go through all that stuff and to understand where it comes from, where do we nourish ourselves with food without feeling if it is good or bad for us ...
and I can tell from myself: it's worth the pain and it is so excited to feel the change!!!
I feel so much gratitude for this new way in my life! ❣️❣️❣️" - Katja-Kristina



"Thad has helped me very much to understand my situation. He is always close to hand when I have questions and need help. It feels very safe that he knows exactly what I'm talking about, especially when I'm not feeling well. A very nice man to cooperate with. And as I said, it's a great assurance that he's always there when I need help. Thank you so much, Thad." - Birgitta 



"Your story said it all. Congrats Thad!" - Adrienne 



"Thad has been in the wellness world a long time and has a wealth of knowledge in his brain. He is a wonderful person and a great resource for me on my journey to health. I would recommend him." - Branden 



"I just want to share how much I appreciate Thad. He has both amazing knowledge and an inspiring, upbeat manner of delivering the message. I’m a huge Thad fan. What I love about Thad is that he has more than knowledge and experience but also a beautiful delivery. I so admire his uplifting manner, sense of humor and humility. 💕" - Ellen 




















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