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My mission in life is to help you achieve your highest level of health through emotional regulation and regenerative detoxification.


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Thank you for your beautiful work!

Reading my Iris Analysis I felt like I am on a journey to myself. I never thought that it would give me so many insights to my past and to my present situation. There are so many details and so many things connected, it is mind-blowing!!!

I never found a support in friends and family or doctors, so this is the first time, that I feel there is someone out there, who cares that we can get to a higher state of being through our diet, again, thank you, Thad, for your interest your support and your answers! 

I feel so much gratitude for this new way in my life! 



I was in a scary situation which put me in the ER.  Medical doctors were addressing the symptoms instead of the root issue.  (low sodium levels, dizziness, extreme exhaustion, electrolyte imbalance) I had heard of Dr. Morse and knew I wanted to hire a detox specialist.  I contacted Thad and he responded immediately!  He helped me address the root issue (my adrenals and kidneys had shut down) and started me on a diet and herbal protocol to give me my life back!  I went Vegan and never looked back.  The high fruit diet along with the herbs got me started on a path that I still continue on today.  Healing is a lifelong journey and a specialist is key to get you started as you will learn so much! 


Thad is an amazing soul, a kind-hearted, thoughtful, giving, aware human being.

He cares deeply for those around him and wants to help heal others in his path. Thad effortlessly gives his time, energy and effort to better the lives of others while being in it wholeheartedly on this journey of detoxification and regeneration himself.

Feel free to stop in, ask a question and it’s like you are a long lost friend that he hasn’t seen since college. And take away a message of hope, an inspiration that there is a better way to live one moment one step one day at a time. Thank you, Thad, for your devotion and light




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